Patient Testimonials

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“My name is J. C. and I have been on dialysis for ten years. I have been very fortunate to have Marion County Kidney Foundation help with financial issues such as utilities and rent over the years. It is really a blessing to have a Foundation that assists dialysis patients. God bless you and keep up the wonderful work.”

“We are grateful to the Marion County Kidney Foundation for gas and food cards.”

– DC and RT.

Ms. R H was grateful to the Marion County Kidney Foundation for help with Duke Energy bill. Her experience was positive and the time was quick in getting help.

One anonymous patient was thankful to get assistance from Marion County Kidney Foundation for a nutritional supplement, Nepro, to improve her nutritional status and lab values.

Another anonymous patient was appreciative to Marion County Kidney Foundation when her family member died and she had funeral expenses. The patient stated that the Foundation helped by assisting with electricity bill so that by the next month she was caught up and able to manage her expenses.